Personalised Car Air Freshener MULLED WINE


These air fresheners are printable on both sides so are able to have one image printed on to both sides / two separate images each printed on one side or one image on one side and text on the other side.

Each air freshener measures just under 10cm x 7cm and are supplies with a red hanging ribbon and come in a cellophane bag.

This listing is for a personalised MULLED WINE scented car air freshener. (Other Scents available are: Baby Powder, Vanilla, Jasmine, Hot Apple Pie, Frankincense, Coffee, Fresh Linen, Orange & Cinnamon and Yuletide Spices. *Although industrial grade fragrances are used, they smells fade at different rates. You can re-scent your air freshener with fragrance oils which can be found in most shops*

The quality of the image printed is up to the quality of your chosen photos so please try and pick high resolution / high quality images. All air fresheners are portrait so please try and select pictures that are also in portrait mode. *Some cropping may occur*


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